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Water is the world's most precious resource. Rivers, lakes, and aquifers, in many areas around the world, are dwindling faster than natural precipitation can replenish them.  Furthermore, pollution from industrial, agricultural, and household activities is rapidly leading to a freshwater crisis; in a few decades, the global demand for freshwater is expected to outstrip supply. 


As nations struggle to meet the increasing demand of their citizens for clean water, there is a need to tighten environmental regulations.  This has presented wastewater treatment professionals with challenges to come up with innovative technologies and economically feasible treatment methods.


AQUASIL technology, developed by AQUACHEM, provides a very simple wastewater treatment applicable to industries, large and small.  The process is very simple,  and in almost all cases, it is a single step treatment. Moreover,  the treatment requires a simple setup, uses stand-alone products, and reduces labor, energy and chemical costs.


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